Drawing upon ancient Ayurvedic herbal wisdom, Ayur Wellness Kerala, helps people stay vital while realizing their full human potential and restore balance in their bodies and minds. We are here to offer you professional, compassionate guidance on your healing journey by promoting effective, an affordable Ayurvedic way of lifestyle.

Our Services

We focus beyond simply relieving symptoms to address the underlying imbalances and other root causes of illness.

Ayurvedic De-Stress Program

Today stress is causing many diseases. This ayurvedic therapy ensures a stress-free body. Shirodhara is a promising treatment for stress related conditions.

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Skin Care Program

Ayurvedic treatments are proven very good for skin related conditions. Special therapies and diet advices improve diseases like psoriasis, eczema etc.

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Care for Arthritis

Ayurvedic treatment procedures like series of bundle massage with proper diet advice always helps to improve arthritic conditions.

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What Our Clients Say!

” Wonderful experience after continuous sessions of oil massage. You can feel the effects almost immediately. “

Well Wisher

“This center offers authentic age-old Ayurvedic treatment tailor-made for today’s high- paced stressful lifestyle. The doctor is very knowledgeable and has a deep insight about modern- day diseases and wholesome healthy living. I will particularly recommend the oil massage treatments as an excellent de-stress therapy.”

A well wisher

“Taking time to heal at KAW is a worthwhile journey. Lovely’s caring hands gently soothe tired muscles and you leave feeling relaxed and rested.”

Former journalist

“Truthfully it was sensational. My first experience was awesome. Waiting for the 2nd round”

A Former bank officer

“Health continuously improving after the Abhyanga, steam treatment. Energy levels improving, feeling of continual good health and quality of life. Mind calms and adjust. Thanks to the miracle of Ayurvedic treatments at Ayur center. “

A well wisher

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